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Friday, February 22, 2008

Letter Carrier Chopping Trees

Here's a "Letter to the Editor" that I emailed The Oregonian, regarding the Vancouver mail carrier (in the news) who took it upon himself to "trim" some trees that were hanging too low in the street:

It is unfortunate that the Vancouver letter carrier who whacked the low branches on trees that were encroaching on the street, didn't call the city and complain of the violations. Now the media is portraying the homeowners who were in violation of city code as hapless victims, which they are not; it isn't that simple. Of course the carrier handled the problem in the wrong way. He should be disciplined. But no one is mentioning that there are city codes that require a height limit on trees over streets and sidewalks. If branches were hitting his mail truck, they were clearly in need of trimming-- and that is the responsibility of the homeowner. The fact that the branches were nowhere near a mailbox is irrelevant. Homeowners have a duty to keep their trees trimmed so that they meet city code.


[Blogger's note: As far as I know, this letter to the editor was not published by The Oregonian.]

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