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Friday, May 26, 2006

The boys

Quickly, here's some pictures of Keaton and Brant, taken recently:

Here's my oldest, Keaton, a week or so ago in front of my place. He just got his Master's degree, and he'll be attending Boston College in the fall, working on his law degree.

Brant just graduated from UP. He'll be attending U of O this fall, also working on a law degree.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Where have I been?

Oh, I've been around... Just doing the same ol' stuff.

Brant's graduating from UP on Sunday. If you'll allow me a moment to brag, this year he had a 4.0 and for all his four years there he got all "A's" and only three or four "A-minuses," which brings his cumulative g.p.a. to just under a 4.0. He's such a great kid! I'm very proud. He's graduating with a bachelor's degree, a double major, in philosophy and political science. He's going to be attending graduate school in the fall, to get his law degree. This weekend, he's going to move in with me and live @ Nine Forward for the summer.

Speaking of bragging, allow me just one more paragraph. Keaton is also graduating this month. He's getting his master's degree (a double) in city planning and government administration from USC. You know, I don't remember what his g.p.a. is, but I would think it's a 4.0 or some such disgustingly high number. He's going to be in San Diego for the summer, and then he's going to attend Boston College in the fall, working on his law degree, just like his younger brother.

A dad couldn't be more pleased with his sons than I am; and not just because of their academic achievements. They're both just great guys-- well adjusted (who knows how that happened) and just cool dudes. Oh, and they both have really great girlfriends. Yeah, I'm proud of 'em.

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