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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

New LA Fitness & Applebee's

Well, this will be a short blog. Tomorrow I leave for Florida to be a
groomsman in a friend's wedding. I get to sing The Lord's Prayer, too.
I'm looking forward to it. It's supposed to be in the 80's in FL.
Eric & Amy are a great couple, and I'm honored to be in their wedding.
Tami is staying home, though, and I'll miss her. I'll bring home some
pictures and I'll be sure to blog about it for you.

Our new gym opened in Gresham. LA Fitness. It is very cool. The
equipment is top notch and the building is beautiful. Looking forward
to enjoying that.

Tami & I both took yesterday off and spent the day together. We went
to the new Applebee's in Gresham. (It's just across the street from LA
Fitness, so now you can gorge yourself and then go work it off
afterward.) It was good, but the floor plan and decor wasn't quite as
nice as the other Applebees' I've been to. Tami's fries were way
over-salted and they brought us some unsalted ones. The manager gave
us free desert to make amends. Very good deserts there. It was their
opening day, so they were still working out the bugs. I think it'll be
nice, but I still like the one at Gateway better.

We took Gordy to Petco yesterday for a shampoo and cleaning. He looks
(and smells) nice now. 'Stopped at Ross and bought a suitcase (carryon
size) for my trip. After we got back from Las Vegas in August, we
donated our old suitcases to Goodwill. We still need to buy one for
Tami, but, as they say, that's A Whole Nother Thing.

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Blogger Brantnorquist commented at 2:33 PM, October 19, 2004~  

Cool new Applebees. Have you driven by it at night yet? It sticks out like a sore-thumb... it's so bright! Gresham has really changed, even in just the past year or so. It's growing so large; in like 10 years I won't even recognize it any longer.

Are you and Mom still thinking about moving?

Have fun in Florida, keep Blogging!

Blogger Brantnorquist commented at 10:26 PM, October 22, 2004~  

One more question--when are you going to write a cool song? Country song / Christian song?

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