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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Abolish Trimet

I know this is not PC, but I don't necessarily run with that crowd

I think we should abolish TriMet. Mass transit is really blown out of
proportion. The only time I have an interaction with the bus system is
when I'm behind one of those hogs on the road. All they cause is
traffic delays while they stop to pick up or drop off passengers. How
does that benefit anyone?

When is the last time you actually got somewhere FASTER because of a
bus? They're dangerous for traffic, too. Having to change lanes while
trying to move around one of those behemoths is tricky business.

Sure, subway systems and even bus lines are convenient when I'm
visiting another city. But let those local people pay for those
things. TriMet only taxes my wallet and my patience.

And don't get me started on MAX. It would have been a trillion times
cheaper if they simply would have paved a two-lane bus road where they
laid down the rail lines and then bought a few more busses and ran them
on the MAX right-of-way. A TRILLION times cheaper. But then we
wouldn't have such a beautiful mass transit icon to showcase to other

I could go on and on about the pollution that busses cause, too. But
that's A Whole Nother Thing.

link | posted by Matt Norquist at 9/30/2004 01:18:00 PM |


Blogger Brantnorquist commented at 8:41 PM, October 01, 2004~  

Hmmmm... I dunno if I agree with you on this one. :-) I understand the fact that buses do, in fact, hog the road. They're slow, they block, they're huge, etc. But then again, so are a bunch of cars, which would be there if the bus was not.

You probably have, in fact, gotten many places faster because of a bus, it simply is not immediately evident. The fact of the matter is, mass trasportation decreases the number of cars on the road by quite a bit, especially MAX. In that sense, there are not as many cars putting along in front of you, fixing their hair in traffic, and merging slowly (and blocking you, too).

And in terms of pollution, a bus saves a lot of pollution because all of the riders are taking IT instead of their respective old-beaters. The park & ride on Division and Burnside, for example, is FILLED with cars each day of the week that WOULD BE clogging the roads and polluting our air; instead the drivers are riding a pollution-free train that seldom slows down traffic (except, in Gresham where I seem to hit the train every time--quick sidenote: why does the arm have to come down for a good 15-20 seconds before the train comes?).

I'm tired of our transit system too, though. While I sit in traffic, I can't help but think there must be a better way to get from point-A to point-B. Granted, while I'm sitting in my car I think to myself: "Why can't all drivers be just like me?" (no, not in the sense of wrecking their dad's car, but in the sense that they are very aware, checking their rear-view mirror constantly, and ACCELERATE when merging). I can't wait until we get flying cars... maybe we will all be able to fly at different altitudes, and go at whatever speed we so desire. Until then, though, mass transit does have some merit. Just think, whenever you see a bus, there could be ten cars there (or, all over the road) instead!

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