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Sunday, October 03, 2004

SRS; Sunny Relaxing Sunday

The audition went well. I've done better, but I could have done worse. There were a few times that I wish I would have had more breath under me, and a few moments where I felt a little raspy (coming off that sinus infection, I suspect).

But all in all I think I did okay. It's "Don't call us; we'll call you," so I'll just have to wait and see.

Brant and I are having a lively discussion on our blog sites. He responded to my blog of yesterday and then wrote a lengthy dissertation of his own on his site. Click on the "Brant Norquist" link at the right side of this page. My response is at the bottom of his latest entry.

It's mid afternoon here on the West Coast. The Portland weather is awesome: Totally sunny and in the upper 70's, maybe low 80's. I just got back from working out (back and biceps today); it was a good, intense workout. Now, I'm waiting for The Princess of Everything to get home from her coffee stop with DonnaH (along with a little shopping stop, I'm told via the cell) so we can go to Winco. Need milk, eggs, chicken, TP, Dove soap and a number of other essentials. Then tonight it's off to our BS group (that stands for Bible Study, not what you were at first thinking). Should be good.

I just talked with my best buddy Eric. His girl, Amy ran in the Portland Marathon this morning. Came in 14th in her age class. Wow. That's stamina.

Well, I should probably go downstairs and see about folding some of that laundry that's on the couch B4 Tami gets home. It's a chore, for shore, but that's A Whole Nother Thing...


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