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Friday, October 05, 2007

Interstate Avenue Name Change-- Portland

Please let me chime in on the Interstate Avenue name change debate.

It seems that now, the Polish community has voiced their opposition to renaming the thoroughfare "Cesar Chavez Avenue" (as has been suggested by someone high up in Portland Power-- and, by the way, has been resoundingly eschewed in polls) in favor of "Lech Walesa Avenue" seeing as how they say the street was built using a lot of Polish immigrant labor (btw, were they legal or illegal immigrants? Never mind.).

Well, I would like to suggest yet another name: "Leif Erikson Boulevard."

I mean, really. The Scandinavian population in Oregon is really big. Really big. Probably second only to that of Minnesota and other northern Midwest areas. And Leif was such an icon of goodness! In fact, according to Wikipedia (which, as everyone knows is the source for accurate and timely information), in 1964 Congress authorized and requested the President to proclaim every October 9th as "Leif Erikson Day." So, yeah. You KNOW he's gotta be big.

And as a person of Scandinavian heritage, I would like to enter the fray, and cry out that Interstate Avenue's name should be changed to "Leif Erikson Boulevard." Thank you.

Oh, and btw, October 9th is next Tuesday, so I expect to see some Norse flags a-flying, okay?

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