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Monday, December 12, 2005

Resistance is Futile

This is me, wearing my bluetooth cell phone thingy. I think it makes me look like a Borg, on Star Trek TNG. Maybe someday we'll all be fortunate enough to have electronic implants (merging humanity with technology!) that will make life so much easier.

My suggestion would be to have something planted in the eyelids, or maybe in the optical nerve, so that when we close our eyes (or maybe even when they're open) we could access all kinds of information-- like a "heads-up" display on many cars nowadays. And of course, we all could benefit from having our communication technology surgically implanted within our ears, etc. Cell-phones are SO Twentieth Century.

Had another pribby good day at work today. Loads o' fun.

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Blogger NFW commented at 7:21 AM, December 13, 2005~  

you know... I love technology... but really. I don't love it TAHT much.


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